Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Classroom Art Piece

Aaakkkk! I knew this would happen! As soon as the school year started I would be so exhausted that it would be 10 years between each post. Okay, maybe not 10 years. It has been 10 days, though...

Today's will be short and sweet. This is an idea I found on Pinterest. The pin came from It's Storey Time. I haven't spent time at her blog, but this post was so fun I had to try it myself.

I made this at the end of last school year. It started as a bare bones tree. I had my students dip their thumb or finger in paint and write their name next to it. Last year's color was pink. This year I chose green. Next year....? Yellow, maybe. I did it on the first day of school. I put the school's name before "Family Tree," but I didn't include it in this picture for confidentiality. 

I feel like this post was really difficult, and I only have one thing in it! :( This year will get easier. I just need to keep telling myself this....

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