Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Putting It Together

Today will basically just be pictures and descriptions of what I got done today. We all like those type of blog posts best anyway, right? Of course right. (Wow! Two musical references in one post already. Only the oober musical theatre nerds will get them.)

This is my Learning Targets pocket chart. I got the idea from The Organized Classroom Blog. Last year I had my objectives on the whiteboard, but not in the pocket chart. This year, they will still be clearly visible, I can still easily refer to them, but they are not going to take up so much space! I need to redo the Science one. It doesn't make sense.

Next to the objectives I put together a little landscape. This is for our Social Studies units. In fifth grade we cover American history from its beginnings to present. My plan is to start off by asking the students what they think the land looked like before people lived on it. My guess is they will add trees and animals. Then we will create Native American settlements, a Colonial town, a town going through the Revolution, the Civil War, etc. I will take pictures for each unit, and we can watch how the landscape, people, and buildings change over time. I need to add border to this board, and then it will be done. I purchased some more of the bubble rainbow border, and it should arrive next week. In keeping with my rainbow theme, I wanted to keep the borders the same inside the classroom to give it a more unified feel.

Whole Brain Teaching! This is the Super Improvers Team, the Five Rules, and the pocket chart for my daily schedule.

Every Student gets a card to hold stickers for improvement in academics and behavior. When they get ten stickers, they move up to the next color level. I'm excited to give this a go. To learn more about it and other WBT ideas, visit here.

And this is just a close up of the rules and the pocket chart.

I got so much accomplished today! I also had a great meeting with my team about literacy. I am excited for this upcoming year. Every day I get a little more done and a little more excited to see those cute faces. 

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