Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Number of the Day!

I know you've all been holding your breath waiting for this. You can now exhale.

Sorry for not posting sooner, BTW. First week of school exhaustion has kept me away from here. I hope to quickly become acclimated to the new year.

I got this idea when I was teaching in Washington. The gal I team taught with got this idea from someone she used to teach with. So here we go!

Every day, the students walk in and get started on the Number of the Day on their whiteboards. It gets the class working quickly and quietly on a meaningful task while I do attendance, house keeping, etc.

When I taught them how to do NOTD, I wrote each step on a piece of chart paper and explained it as we went through examples. This is how they did NOTD all last year.

This year I have added steps five and six, word and expanded form. (Sorry the pic is so blurry.) I just added this piece today, so I will teach it tomorrow, although we just went through the math lesson yesterday and today. 

All ready for tomorrow!

Thanks for reading. Please ask questions or make comments. How could I improve?

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