Saturday, August 31, 2013


It's the last day of August! And I am so thankful for a three day weekend. The first full week was exhausting for me and the kiddos. Whew! I know we'll soon find a rhythm, but I'm thankful for a little time to recuperate.

I went into school for just a bit today. I didn't use my time effectively yesterday. <cough, cough> Fridays are half days for the kids. My team had a meeting, and then I felt so tired after the long week. I didn't want to do anything. I did talk with the other gal on my team about classroom management stuff, so technically I was still working, but I didn't get anything planned for next week. So I went in today.

I made up a weekly schedule. Now that we know when our specials are and everything, I was able to think about how I wanted our days to look. I also did some year long mapping, did a projection of how I thought September will look, and did a more detailed plan for next week. Let me show you how I did all of this.

I first made up year long maps. These are rough outlines. I didn't think to take a picture. Sorry! Basically I went month by month for each core subject (math, reading, writing, science) and wrote what I wanted to teach on. Next, I mapped out September. This is where I am using my sticky note planner. I love this thing. When I need to change plans around, I can lift the sticky and move it somewhere else! It's generic and gives me a good idea of pacing.

On the computer I made a weekly schedule. I sent a copy to my principal and my coach so they know when they can come in to observe. I print one off each week, write brief notes for the specifics of the week. This may seem a bit excessive, but I like having a quick guide I can glance at. The sticky notes give me big picture ideas, and this gives more clarity.

I stick that schedule into my yellow lesson plan binder.

I keep a class list, seating chart, and a pencil pouch at the front. If I ever have to be absent for an unexpected reason, the sub can look at this and figure something out. I do need to put together my sub folder soon. I'll do a post on that when I get there. :)

Because the first few days are weird and crazy, I didn't do my schedule like the previous schedule. I actually scripted out my first three days. This picture shows day one. Then for last week, I typed up a different schedule for each day. It was very helpful. I also made notes to myself about what went well and what I need to change next time.

My lesson plan binder also has tabs for my core subjects. This is where I keep my lesson plans that I type up. I don't type out everything, but when I do I stick it in it's appropriate place. 

That's it! Have a great weekend!

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