Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Simple Desk Organizer

At our school, the teacher desks are built into the walls. It's a good thing and a bad thing. It's good because it stays out of the way, but bad because I can never sit at it due to the fact that my back is facing the class. However, this also turns into a good thing because it keeps me away from my desk. Instead of using the computer for attendance, for example, I use my iPad. That way I can take attendance while I walk around to make sure everyone is working on The Number of the Day. (Once the school year starts, I will share this with you.)

Anyway, I moved classrooms this year, and I had to sort through an immense amount of office supplies. I wanted a way to organize them in the drawers so they weren't all sprawled all over the place. I found this idea on Pinterest...

Too many of my sentences start with, "I saw this thing on Pinterest..." It's from The Stony Brook House. Much like most of my repurposed ideas, the original is much better. Head on over for the great tutorial on her site. I'll just give you a brief drive by of how I used her idea.

First, I spent a couple of weeks collecting various cardboard boxes. I even went dumpster diving for a few. Don't judge. They were clean and on top.

Next, I measured the depth of the drawer and used a ruler and a sharpie to draw a cutting line. Then I cut the box with an x-acto knife.

I then sorted all the junk in the drawer into each cardboard box. I was going to cover the boxes with some cute wrapping paper I bought from the dollar store like she did in her tutorial. By the time I was done sorting all the stupid little office supplies and cutting the boxes, I had this attitude about the wrapping paper:

I still want to secure them together with the pretty wrapping paper, but for now they are hidden in my drawers and nobody will see them except for me. And snooping kids. And probably a sub or two. That project won't get done for a couple of months, let's be honest.

These are the drawers, and each one is labeled according to what is inside. Would you like to see the labels and what is in each drawer? Please let me know, and I will put them up for you. Thanks for reading!

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